E-A Teknoloji does R&D related to biomedical devices that could be used particularly for detection and treatment of diseases that pose substantial threat to health, such as cardiovascular diseases, cancer and diabetes, as well as tools for scientific research related to pharmacology and biomedical imaging. Laser systems, which are currently very popular in medicine, and laser and optical modules of devices having diagnostic and therapeutic uses, are developed by our company.

    • Electrophysiological measurement using laser
    • Non-linear imaging
    • Laser devices for surgical operations and cauterization
    • Laser and optical devices for oral and dental health
    • Low energy laser tissue excitation system
    • Assisted hatching and cell manipulation for increasing the success rate of in vitro fertilization

    These works are related to new techniques that researchers, physicians, and patients benefit.

    The laser modules mentioned above are produced by our company using diode laser and femtosecond laser technologies. In most of these applications, proof-of-principle results are obtained, and optimization continues. Besides, we can produce various nano-sized materials using laser ablation and chemical synthesis.