Nanotechnology Optics and Laser technology Medicine ve Biomedical

Nanotechnology, which is among the most prominent research and technological application areas of our age, investigates the emergent characteristics of materials at their near atomic scale dimensions, and aims to exploit this characteristics in order to generate novel materials that do not exist in nature. One of the most exciting areas in nanotechnology is nanoparticles, which are one dimensional nanostructures. They could be produced from various materials, and find applications in diverse fields including biological imaging, textile, electronics, and functional surfaces.

E-A Teknoloji produces nanoparticles in two related fields:

• Nanoparticle production from various materials. We produce nanoparticles from various materials using laser ablation and chemical synthesis. Particularly laser ablation enables production of nanoparticles of numerous elements of the periodic table, and their compounds.

• Functional nanoparticle synthesis. Surface functionalized and/or magnetic nanoparticles are produced for especially biological applications.

Besides, we continue our R&D work related to large scale and high efficiency nanoparticle production using laser ablation for industrial applications.