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Fiber Lasers

Fiber lasers have significant advantages in both scientific and industrial applications, since light is already coupled within a waveguide, emission is generated with high power and optical quality, and stable lasers are produced with turnkey operation principle in small volumes.

E-A Teknoloji, designs and produces compact fiber lasers operating in visible and near infrared, which could be CW, pulsed, or ultrafast.

Diode Lasers

Laser diodes are semiconductors that emit laser light within a wide optical spectrum from UV to IR. They can be electronically controlled, which make them user-friendly. The starting point of many laser applications is laser diodes. Their convenient electronic integration enables various laser applications.

E-A Teknoloji transforms laser diodes into functional devices, and provides their large scale production.


Optical Design

E-A Teknoloji provides optical design service related to fields including advanced technology, medicine, and imaging, using optical design software.